My Film serves not only to strengthen the presence of Native stories in entertainment, but also to strengthen the presence of Native artists in entertainment.                     

Hannah-Rose Waller

Hannah-Rose Waller
Hannah-Rose Waller is a 23-year-old filmmaker from the Osage Indian Reservation in Hominy, OK. She is a graduate from NYU and currently works full-time as a video editor for the Buffalo Nickel Creative, a Native-owned and operated production company and advertising agency.

Love and Loss on the Osage Reservation

Hannah is creating a 30-minute short film, Pretty Hair Camp, about two young Osages who fall in love in the early 1980s against the backdrop of cultural decline and loss. The film will be shot entirely in Osage County.

In this story, one generation of Osage people fear the eventual loss of their culture and community while two young Osages fall in love, giving their parents hope that their bloodlines will continue. Hannah will explore themes of cultural identity, community, coming to terms with the differences between a life envisioned and a life lived.

Strengthening Osage Identity Through Storytelling

By telling this story, Hannah is telling the world that the modern lives of Osage people are rich in perspective and meaning and are shaped by their community and the generations that came before.

“Seeing a story inspired by two young Osages navigating coming of age, love, and their obligations to their community, I believe, exemplifies bridging the gap between generations of Natives and their experiences through a story.”

Hannah will also use this story to help her community continue to build a sense of identity outside the narrative of tragedy.

“Currently, both media and general attention on my tribe naturally focus on our identity as victims of history and less so on our perseverance as modern-day Americans, though we have much to show for our perseverance. Engaging and memorable films with Osage characters at the center will help reframe our tribe within the public imagination as Americans with a unique, rich, and lasting American story.”

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