A Month to Celebrate and Share Lakota Culture

Each day in October, we will be sharing a Lakota Word of the Day, with words that celebrate indigenous art, the importance of land, the spirit of winter and the community of food.

Like most Native American tribes, the Lakota didn’t write down their language.  Songs and stories, over generations, are critical the preservation of Lakota language.  Art forms, taught by one generation to the next, help to preserve the beauty of the Lakota culture.

These are just seven words to celebrate Indigenous Arts.

 Land is fundamental to Native life and culture.  From it comes food, medicine, economic development and tribal sacred places.

For generations, winter survival on tribal lands depended on shared knowledge and resources.  Today, we must all share and adapt to succeed in all the seasons of the year, and of the years to come.

For the Lakota, food was more than buffalo and the three Sisters of corn, beans, and squash.  It was, and remains today, at the core of family and community gatherings.

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