At times like this, all of us are glad we can count on your support

All of us at Running Strong for American Indian Youth want to tell you just how much your support has meant to our team and most importantly, the Native American families you’ve helped us assist during this situation.

Over the past few days, we were so moved to see our supporters chipping in to help with our spring programs. Helping Native American families on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have access to water, and giving them the tools they need to create their own gardens is so important now, and for those who are not able to thank you right now, we do.

Even though meeting the needs of our partners has become challenging, we remain committed to our mission of assisting Native Americans, especially children, now more than ever.

Despite the challenges to American Indians, we have seen their strength and resilience over the decades, particularly on remote and rural Pine Ridge.

Our work during these challenging times continues, providing water to households by connecting them with the main water service line on the reservation, working to provide food boxes, supporting dreamstarter projects across the country that help their communities, and so much more.

We also realize that fresh nutritious vegetables are critical to the health of the residents of Pine Ridge and that’s why we are continuing our gardening classes operated by our affiliate, the Oyate Teca Project. And as we have for decades we are continuing with the Slim Buttes Agricultural Program which tills acres of gardens with tractors and provides thousands of seedlings to families.

At a time like this, all of us are glad we can count on you for support.

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