Dreamstarter’s Mission to Elevate Native American Education

A group of children are around a table of crafts showcasing native american education.

In honor of teacher appreciation week we want to show our love and appreciation for those who inspire and spark change. Running Strong for American Indian Youth is honored to spotlight a group of individuals who are not just shaping minds but also changing lives – our teachers. Through our Dreamstarter™ Teacher Grants, we aim […]

2023 Dreamstarter Update Answering: Why is Environmental Justice Important?

Three women standing outside, one holding a video camera showcasing why is environmental justice important.

The conversation around environmental justice is more critical than ever and understanding why environmental justice is important becomes a cornerstone for initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable future. A huge supporter of this movement is Running Strong for American Indian Youth®, a shining example of hope and empowerment for indigenous communities. Through its innovative Dreamstarter […]

A Year of Combatting Pine Ridge Reservation Poverty: Stories of Hope From 2023

Two girls playing a game with a potato pushed against their foreheads smiling and not worrying about pine ridge reservation poverty.

Across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, organizations like Running Strong are a beacon of hope, battling generational poverty and increasing access to healthcare, education, and healthy food options. Native American communities across America face persistent challenges due to historical and systemic factors, making the support that Running Strong provides crucial for positive change. As we […]

One Year Later: Celebrating the Pine Ridge Native American Community Center

Children and adults are sewing at the Pine Ridge native american community center

Once just a vision, the Oyate Ta Kola Ku Community Center has evolved into a thriving hub of imagination, culture, and togetherness within its first year of existence. This 21,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, nestled in the heart of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, is a cornerstone of the community, providing a wealth of resources and opportunities […]

Native American Gardens: A Source of Nutritious Food for All

We are working together to ensure that through our programs, access to food is more accessible.

Historical Native American Food Insecurity When Native Americans were forced onto reservations, their traditional food systems and traditions were disrupted. They had to forge a new existence on unfamiliar land, separated from the geography and ecosystems that had been a part of their culture and lifelines for generations. The treaties and acts that followed resulted […]

Addressing Period Poverty in Native American Communities

The importance of addressing period poverty and steps we can take to help.

Period poverty is a widespread issue that affects roughly 500 million women worldwide. In the US alone, about 16.9 million women live in poverty, and two-thirds could not afford menstrual products within the past year. Further, half of these women had to make the difficult decision between purchasing menstrual products or food. The need for […]

2023 DreamStarters Are Taking On Native American Environmental Justice Issues

Working together to correct environmental justice issues.

The DreamStarter® Academy Grant Program is Running Strong’s initiative to cultivate and support the next generation of Native American leaders. Every year 10 American Indian youth are awarded a combination of financial support, hands-on mentorship, networking, and communications training. Since the inception of the program, over $900,000 has been awarded. These 10 amazing individuals are […]

Lasting Change for Native American Youth

Our many garden project aid to help native american youth enjoy proper nutrition.

Since its inception in 1986, Running Strong has made it its mission to empower and create a positive impact on our Native American youth. Through our programs and initiatives, we have created an environment that values tribal pride and indigenous knowledge – an environment where these young people can realize their full potential as highly […]

Meet the 2022 Dreamstarter® Teachers

Dreamstarter® Teachers

Running Strong for American Indian Youth is proud to welcome the newest cohort of Dreamstarter® Teachers who are making a difference in the lives of their Native American students and classrooms.

2022 Dreamstarter® Teacher Tyler Sumpter

Dreamstarter® Teachers

“My whole purpose for going to school was to help Native students realize the importance of education and the many opportunities out there. I want to advocate for culturally responsive reaching for our non-Native teachers so we can have a more inclusive space.” Tyler Sumpter Teacher, Quileute Tribal School Tyler is a 7-12th grade Social […]