Chloe Schierbeck (Hunkpapha Lakhota – Standing Rock Sioux), Burien, Washington

Chloe Schierbeck

Chloe’s favorite medium is textiles saying, “I’ve mostly worked with cotton fabric but for this project I will use jacquard and more high-end fabrics. My idea is to complete a set of ribbon skirts, one for each of the seven directions. I’ve already done East and West and above. I want to do North, South, Earth and around. Each skirt will tell a story of its direction.

“In any community art is creative expression. It’s a visual representation of what we sometimes struggle to verbalize. In Native communities, art is also part of who we are. We walk in beauty, čhaŋkú lúta ogná maúŋnipi. Art connects us to our ancestors and carries on our traditions.

“This $2,500 Dreamstarter grant and project will have a very positive impact. Community-wise it will inspire and create pride and personal wise it will allow me growth and confidence as an artist. This will give me the skills I need to read and create patterns, take measurements, and create more complex garments and projects.

“I am passionate about creating beauty and stories through sewing. I want to incorporate traditional sewing and clothing into modern wear. I want to replicate traditional regalia and clothing as well.”

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