Connect and Celebrate with Running Strong communities across the country!

Connect and Celebrate with Running Strong communities across the country!

CONNECT in the Washington DC Area

2nd Annual Running Strong for American Indian Youth Powwow.

This is a free event, showcasing Native American Culture through intertribal Dancers, Drum Groups, activities, community resources, popup vendors, and more.


Sunday, August 6, 2023 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The public is invited to this Free Powwow. Bring your Chair!

Gates open: 10:00AM

Grand Entry: 11:00AM


Waterfront Park, Alexandria, Virginia,
Street Address for Waterfront Park: 1 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA


Hosting a Powwow within the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. allows native residents in the highly urbanized region to have a community
space to connect with and celebrate cultures together.

Creating a space for Native American Communities to celebrate culture within the D.C-Metropolitan area is important and symbolic in many ways.
Ancestrally, the land and river systems that make up and surround the U.S Capital belongs to the Piscataway, Pamunkey, Nentego, Mattaponi,
Chickahominy, Monacan, and Powhatan Tribes. The vast waterways and highly diverse migratory wildlife in the area’s environment has allowed
local tribes to thrive here for thousands of years. The tributary systems of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers blends into the Chesapeake Bay, the
largest estuary and watershed in the United States, spanning over six states, and cultivated trading among local tribes and with other coastal

The converging points of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers is where Washington, D.C was constructed; Waterfront Park is near one of the
Southern-most markers of the original planning. Despite the influence, history, contributions, innovations, and support given in what has resulted in
the modern-day U.S Capital and surrounding states, the historical erasure of native communities and exclusionary efforts from the American
narrative had already become common practice with Native Communities before the city’s establishment. Furthermore, numerous tribal
communities from other regions have come to Washington, D.C., hundreds of people, representatives, delegates, and leaders have visited, met
with, or protested the U.S Government and Policies throughout centuries and have not received, in some or total context, either widespread,
proper, or accurate inclusion inhistory nor in news coverage.

Come join us at the 2nd Annual Running Strong Powwow to celebrate Native American cultures with others and create long-lasting memories with one another. Be a part of the growing awareness of Native American Communities, History, and Culture of the region. Be a part of remembering how Native American People, Communities, Contributions, History, and Land will always be the heritage of the United States of America.


The PowWow will feature dancers in multiple age groups and dance categories.

Dance Categories include:

– Golden Age (55+) Men’s
– Golden Age (55+) Women’s
– Adult (18-54) Men’s Traditional
– Adult (18-54) Women’s Traditional

– Adult (18-54) Men’s Fancy
– Adult (18-54) Women’s Fancy
– Adult (18-54) Men’s Grass
– Adult (18-54) Women’s Jingle

Are You Part of a Drum Group?

Apply to participate. Placing Winners in each Category will receive:

1st Place       $5,000

2nd Place     $2,550

3rd Place     $1,000

Are you a dancer?

Apply to participate. Placing Winners in each Category will receive:

1st Place       $1,000

2nd Place     $750

3rd Place     $500



Attending the Running Strong Powwow last year was great! Being one of the staff members, I was able to help and contribute to organizing the event and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the attendees have a great time after all our hard work. Having Powwows in the DC-Metropolitan area is important for many reasons, the most important being for local Native Residents. Growing up, I rarely heard of Powwows happening in the area except for those within my own tribal community; if more Powwows such as Running Strong’s had taken place in prior years, I feel like the area would have a stronger-knit native community, in turn welcoming more cultural and intertribal events to be hosted. By having local native communities participate or attend the Running Strong Powwow, I feel like we are both honoring the area’s history and forging a better future together; you see, the area that is now known as Washington, D.C. was ancestrally known as trading grounds for the Piscataway People and other tribes due to the complex estuary system of waterways. To be celebrating our cultures together, where many ancestors had traveled to meet and trade with one another, keeps alive part of the intertribal culture with one another. I hope that more Powwows are hosted in the DC-Metropolitan area, it is so easy to be consumed by the area’s work culture and to become ungrounded from life, culture, teachings, and community.”

My family and I enjoyed going to the powwow last year! My children and I were happy to dance with our family and friends in a place so close to our home. My aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents made the trip and I know they enjoyed themselves as well. Being able to laugh and have a good time with one another was very uplifting for all of us post COVID. I think powwows in the DC area should reoccur more for the Native community here. There are families here that are far away from their homes and having events and dances I think really helps them mentally, physically and spiritually. I also think it is important to educate the public on the true history of Native Americans and that we are still here. Growing up in the DC area there were a lot of Native families that came together to host powwows and events. As I have become an adult there are not as many true Native organizations that put on powwows in the DC area. My children and I have to travel out of state to go to a powwow. I would love to see more local powwows in our community with our Native community’s help


Photo credit to Walter Lamar

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