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Dreamstarter Teachers 2022-2023 Impact Students’ lives, from Head Start Pow-Wow to college students attending the Annual Native American Leadership Conference

2022-2023 Dreamstarter Teachers

2022-2023 Dreamstarter Teachers recently wrapped up their year-long projects, just in time for Christmas break. Each of these teachers has made a lasting impact on the lives of their students by creating positive educational experiences that will inspire them for years to come. Here’s a look back at their year:

Shana Aubid- Mille Lacs Early Education

Shana Aubid is the Lead Head Start Teacher for the Mille Lacs Early Education program in Sandstone, Minnesota. Shana is passionate about connecting students with their culture and ensuring that Anishinaabe teachings, crafts, storytelling, and life-style ways are shared with the younger generations. With her grant, Shana was able to purchase Indigenous Children’s literature books, craft supplies, and Ojibwe learning tools that were integrated into the classroom. Craft supplies were used to prepare for the 1st Annual Head Start Pow-Wow, where students were able to celebrate and share what they had learned with their families.  

Candace Dickerson- Chickahominy’s Little Arrows

Candace Dickerson is the childcare and project director at Chickahominy’s Little Arrows Preschool/Daycare, a tribally owned and operated daycare in Providence Forge, Virginia. Candace is passionate about making sure her educators and students have all the learning tools and supplies they need to ensure success. With her grant, she put the finishing touches on her newly constructed Preschool building, providing appropriate classroom furniture and educational materials. Candace is happy to report that all her students are thriving in multiple ways.

Brooke Gregory –  Chief Leschi

Brooke Gregory is a k-12 gifted and talented teacher at Chief Leschi School in Puyallup, WA. Brooke is dedicated to providing enrichment experiences to her students to strengthen their skills, spark new interests, and challenge them to try new things. With her grant, Brook implemented the Schoolwide Enrichment Model so all Kindergarten through eighth-grade students could participate in activity days. She was able to provide over 45 different enrichment experiences across science and technology, art and craft making, dance and sports, and career-based experiences.

Jesse Swann- Through Piscataway Eyes

Jesse Swann is the Chief of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe and founder of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe Cultural Education Project, an out-of-school cultural program based in Pomfret, Maryland. Jesse is dedicated to revitalizing Piscataway culture and ensuring traditional and tribal knowledge and practices are carried on through the next generation. With his grant, Jesse was able to purchase materials for drum-making and traditional crafts. 185 youth attended the program, and 97% reported that it helped them feel more connected with their heritage.

Shannon Britton – Round Valley Unified School District

Shannon Britton is the principal of Round Vallery Elementary/Middle School in Covelo, CA, where she has been on staff for over 22 years. Shannon is passionate about supporting her community and making sure her students feel successful in school. With her grant, Shannon funded an after-school program that provides students with extracurricular art and science projects. Shannon reports that the students who attend the after-school program have a better understanding of math and science and more confidence in learning advanced concepts.

Sister Mary Ignatius Skipper- At. Ann’s Catholic School

Sister Mary Ignatius Skipper is a first and second-grade teacher at St. Ann’s Catholic Elementary School in Belcourt, ND. She is dedicated to providing high-quality education tailored to each of her student’s needs to ensure students feel confident and continue mastering new concepts. With her grant, Sister Mary was able to purchase new Montessori-based learning materials to support students in learning social studies and language arts. By the end of the school year, 100% of Sister Mary’s students showed increased performance and understanding.

Meghan Osburne-Wamsley – Yurok head start

Meghan Osburne-Wamsley is a Head Start teacher at the Yurok Tribe Head Start in Klamath, CA. Her mission is to start a school garden where students will learn math and science concepts, develop practical life skills, and have the opportunity to take home what they have grown. Meghan reports the program was a huge success, and over 50 young learners participated in the garden.

Rachel Davis – University of WI- Stevens Point

Rachel Davis is a staff member of the Native American Center at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. She is passionate about helping her college students build confidence in their abilities and take full advantage of their time in higher education to empower them to be successful in their careers. Five students were invited to attend the Eighth Annual Native American Leadership Conference in Hawaii, with airfare paid for by Rachel’s 2022 Dreamstarter Teacher Grant. During the conference, students had the opportunity to network with future employers, share their perspectives with tribal and government leaders, and participate in Native Hawaiian cultural teachings. During the conference, students made valuable connections and took leadership positions within the UWSP community upon returning. 

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