Throughout the year, Running Strong distributes the necessities of a healthy life – backpacks filled with school supplies to help kids excel in school, winter coats and boots to keep kids warm during the winter, and dental kits to improve oral health.

Several years ago, we decided expand on what we already do and help bring Christmas cheer to Native communities by distributing toys during the holidays.

“Many of our families cannot afford to purchase gifts for their children around the holidays,” said Rose Fraser, Oyate Teca’s executive director and a Running Strong partner. “This leaves many children left out, and can set a negative tone in development for the upcoming year.”

But the supporters of Running Strong are making a big difference in the lives of Pine Ridge children, says Rose.

“The past three years with the help of Running Strong for American Indian Youth® we were able to provide a gift for every child!” she told us. “This continues to be an amazing thing to witness – all the children so happy and thankful for what they received.

“Our children in our community are our biggest assets that we should be investing in,” she continued. “Even though Running Strong for American Indian Youth is thousands of miles away, you still care whole-heartedly for our children back here in South Dakota.

“You help show love, acknowledgement, and provide joy for those who might not receive those basic needs. Thank you for being a great partner with our community and investing in our children!”

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