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Helping 6000 students to Study Strong

Breaking Barriers: The Struggle for School Supplies in Indian Country
Every year, countless Native American families across Indian Country confront the harsh reality that affording basic school supplies for their children is an unattainable “luxury.” In response, we launch our annual “Study Strong” initiative, providing thousands of essential school supplies to elementary and middle school students, setting them up for a successful new academic year.

Expanding Reach: Spreading Supplies Across 14 Tribal Communities
This year, we continue this tradition by distributing a whopping 6,000 school kits – 3,000 for elementary students and 3,000 for middle school students. Our assistance will reach 18 program partners across 14 tribal communities in 11 states including Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, and Utah. Our supply kits will also be delivered to our field office on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, as well as our partner there, the Oyate Teca Project, in South Dakota.

An Impactful Partnership: Today We Follow-Tomorrow We Lead
Anita Begay, the president of our partner organization “Today We Follow-Tomorrow We Lead” in Chinle, Arizona, stresses the importance of this initiative. She states, “Parents with limited income struggle to purchase necessary school supplies for their children. The donation of school backpacks relieves parents of the stress and worry of affording school supplies for their children.”

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