“I Was There 50 Years Ago” – Billy Mills’ 50th 10k Olympic Anniversary

Dear Friends,

50 years ago today, I stood in the stands and watched as my husband, Billy Mills, achieved his dream of winning Olympic gold in the 10,000 meters in Tokyo.  I didn’t think I could ever be more proud. But it’s what Billy and I have done together since his race that fills me with even more pride.

Billy’s giveaway—his gift back to the community that supported him to victory—has been to dedicate himself to serving American Indian communities. He co-founded Running Strong for American Indian Youth® to help kids meet their basic needs while creating opportunities for self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

Watch Billy tell the story his historic race and his inspiration for Running Strong:

Over the years, I’ve seen how many people were touched by Billy’s story, and how many lives he’s inspired. Many have told us that Billy’s win was the greatest underdog victory in Olympic running. Please join me in celebrating this milestone by sending Billy a message of congratulations.

And more importantly, I invite you to join Billy’s giveaway by making a donation to support Running Strong.

Thank you so much for your support.

Patricia Mills

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