On October 16, the 50 participants of the Oyate Teca Project’s Medicine Root Gardening Program graduated from the nine-month course. Everyone celebrated their achievement at a special student appreciation dinner. Certificates were presented to all of the graduates, along with a final distribution of items to assist them with their gardens in the future.


“This was by far the largest class yet,” said Rose Fraser, the Director of the Oyate Teca Project. “They all did an awesome job!”

The Medicine Root Gardening Program teaches youth and families not only how to eat healthy, but how to grow their own healthy vegetables and fruits through hands-on gardening classes at the Oyate Teca community gardens and how to create gardens at their own homes.

Beginning in January, there are 30 sessions during the nine-month course, split between indoor and outdoor courses. Participants learn about different gardening methods and what has worked for the course instructors in their own gardens. They also learn about food safety and food preparation, including classes focused on canning and preserving their fresh produce. The program also offers a class on financial literacy for those interested in becoming seasonal entrepreneurs.


Congratulations to all the graduates of Oyate Teca Project Medicine Root Gardening Program!

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