My prayer for all of us, today

It has been 29 days since Patricia and I started our self-quarantine.

We began today like we have the days before, with a prayer to bless and watch over our first responders… all of those brave individuals going to work every day during these challenging times, placing their own health and lives in danger, servicing the needs of their communities and keeping us safe.

We ask for blessing and comfort to the people in the world who suffer so much pain and endure so much loss. We ask to bless and grant us all the ability to continue to live a strong life that is generous and giving and spirit.

Every day reminds me of the honor one feels being a U.S. Marine. “We adapt and overcome!”

This is also what we must do to win the battle with Covid-19.

We spend our days nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirit, keeping our dreams alive.


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