Operation Snowsuit was a success

Operation Snowsuit was a success! Thousands of Native youth will be warm this winter with brand new coats, hats, gloves, scarves & winter boots thanks to your support.

Here are some of the things our program partners, who work in Native communities, told us about the winter wear distributions:


“Yesterday we received our donation from Running Strong. We are so excited that we were able to get boots, gloves and scarfs this year!!!!! Thank you so much!”

“When we distributed the new coats and boots to the kids, they were excited since most of the kids never had brand new jackets and the [kids] that came in had small sweaters in 30 below weather. The children were all very grateful and excited for their new coats because they could be warm during our coldest times of the year.”

“Many of our children were in dire need for new coats and boots. With a high unemployment rate on the reservation many children do not receive new clothing regularly but are dependent on hand-me-downs.”

One family “for example has 7 children.. Ally, the youngest that visits the club was wearing shoes 3 sizes too big for her and light jacket before the distribution. Through the distribution we were able to provide Ally and other children in the community with all new warm clothing for this winter.”

“A child received a coat that fit him perfectly. He screamed “This green color is AWESOME!” and wore it home. The coat he had worn to the holiday party was tattered and too small.”

“One mother asked if her daughter could have two pairs of gloves as her daughter often loses them. We told her yes and it was clear she expected the answer to be no. She was so happy she almost cried.”

“These distributions put smiles on faces that could light up a room. Most families we serve cannot afford new winter clothing and rely on second hand items. Providing a new jacket shows these Native families they are worthy.”

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