Recipes to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Recipes to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

This month, as we celebrate and honor Native American heritage, we will be sharing recipes that incorporate traditional Lakota foods.

We offer these recipes as a reminder that food connects us all, through past, present, future, across culture, and borders. Despite the tools and preparation looking very different in a modern kitchen than they would traditionally, at the core these are foods that have nourished communities for hundreds of generations. You are most likely already familiar with many of the featured traditional foods (salmon, pumpkin, maple syrup, squash…) an important testament to the lasting contributions of indigenous peoples in America. As you prepare these foods it is important to reflect on how many traditional foods and food ways have been lost due to colonization and recognize the lasting effects that has on Native communities. Above all, these recipes are meant to honor and celebrate Native American Heritage and culture. Enjoy!

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