Runner’s Spotlight – Rilee Good Eagle

1. When and why did you start running?

It was during my elementary school years and an older relative introduced me to some fitness exercises and slowly began running in the open prairies, and it was then my passion for running began.

2. What is your best running memory?

It was during my later elementary school year in grade 5 and was encouraged to run in my first Track and field Race event at my school. I ran in the event without proper running footwear and ended up winning my first ever race and that feeling of accomplishment inspired me to continue.
3. What shoes do you run in?

I own several pair of runners depending on the distance and or racing event and have a pair for in/outdoor track, cross country, and for distance running.
4. Favorite & least favorite distances to run?

My favorite running event is the 3k and 10k and my least favorite is the shorther distant events like the 800m or less
5. Do you have a running partner?

I’ve been training with the University of Calgary track and field running club for a few years now and also train on my own most of the time
6. What is your favorite running accessory?

I enjoy listening to music on my Ipod and use to always enjoy running with our dog we lost a few years ago.


7. Other exercises you love?

Strength training and weight lifting, and core workouts.

8. Do you bring music with you, and if so what’s your power song?

Bill Conti: “Gonna Fly Now”
9. Do you have any advice for new runners?

Start off slow and easy and you will begin to see progress as time goes by and don’t give up!
10. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen while on a run.

I am encouraged to see other youth’s out for a jog from my community setting goals for themselves.

11. What drew you to Team Running Strong?
I met Mr. Billy Mills a few years ago and was my inspiration and today I am truly blessed and humbled to call him my friend and mentor, especially the amazing work of his foundation in making a difference on so many young native American lives, including mine.


12. What’s your motivation?

Is to inspire and encourage as many aboriginal youth that dreams are possible through hard work, determination, and effort, as well as to be a positive role model to my younger siblings, and cousins that choosing a healthy lifestyle has many rewards and benefits in our lives for a healthier community.


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