Each year the Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing helps low-income households on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with resources to repair their homes from storm damage (common on the Great Plains of South Dakota) and normal wear and tear with assistance from Running Strong for American Indian Youth®.

“The primary need of many families is help with weatherization,” says OSTPH Executive Director Emma “Pinky” Clifford.

Recently, OSPTH was able to perform a major rehab of an elderly veteran’s home on the reservation including new windows and doors, caulking and insulation, and repairs to the home which had been damaged by high winds.


Thanks to the supporters of Running Strong, “We made an elder’s home safer and warmer for his grandkids,” said Pinky, adding that “weatherization should help with winter heating bills.”

In addition, “sorely needed repairs to the homes access ramp and stairs were made because we were able to leverage available resources and labor,” she noted.

While many homes are need in of repair on the reservation, Pinky knew this veteran’s home needed to be repaired and winterized before the cold weather strikes.

“Stanley is an elder living with five of his grandchildren,” reported Pinky. “Hail and rain in 2018 and severe winter storms in early 2019 left his home without siding. Four of his six windows were broken, and a kitchen door you could see daylight all around the frame.

“Now he and his household are much safer and healthier because of this.”


Pinky noted that their work relies heavily on Running Strong to help keep them making an impact on the reservation for people like Stanley.

“It is the funding and support we receive from those who know our organization and our work that keeps our doors open and programs running. Thank you!”

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