Run with us to support a healthy tomorrow for Native American Youth! 


In Lakota culture, someone who achieves great success has a “give away” to thank their community of support. As part of his “give away”, Billy helped found Running Strong for American Indian Youth®. Today, Native American children, families, and the communities they live in benefit from Billy’s dream. To celebrate Billy’s victory 56 years ago, we have created a virtual race so everyone can Run With Billy! 

Walk, run, or race as an individual or with your friends and family from August 1 to August 9 to support a healthy tomorrow by registering for the Run With Billy Race! Your contribution of $28.24 (Billy’s winning race time) will be recognized with an autographed bib from Billy which was designed by Pat Mills.

Race Day

Submit your individual or group race photos to to be featured in our photo gallery beginning August 1! 

"This bib is special to Billy and me. Because of the support from many people around the world, I wanted to depict some images from Billy's life. I call this piece ERA. A simple definition of ERA is A) a fixed point in time from which a series of years is reckoned or B) a memorable date, especially one that begins a new period in the history of a person. This piece represents a journey and it will make its own journey around the world. I am honored to have ERA featured on the race bib.  From Billy and me, thank you for continuing to support our programs throughout Indian Country!"
Pat Mills
Master of Fine Arts

Read Pat’s full artist statement for ERA and view the rest of the painting here: Pat Mills ERA and Artist Statement

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