South Dakota Legislature Declares March 6 as Billy Mills Day

We are so proud, and extremely honored to celebrate Billy Mills as the South Dakota legislature declared March 6th as “Billy Mills Day.”

On Tuesday, March 6, Billy Mills was honored for his lifetime achievements with a proclamation by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard designating March 6th as Billy Mills Day, and with resolutions passed by both the House and Senate.

As the House resolution states, Billy was recognized for his tremendous contributions to South Dakota and the United States:

“Recognizing and honoring William Mervin “Billy” Mills, also known as Tamakoce Tek’hila, for his unselfish and loyal contributions to the State of South Dakota and to his country.”

Billy spoke to both chambers, and enlightened and challenged the full House and Senate about the progress that has been made over the years to improve the lives of Native communities in South Dakota and beyond, and of the work that remains to be done.

After highlighting the challenges faced by native youth and the role of Running Strong, Billy challenged those in the audience with these powerful words:

“Join me in the spirit of the warrior…and lets promote our national unity.”

“Make this a country for all its citizens, past present and future.”

And then, Billy closed his remarks to the House of Representatives with a Lakota prayer, translated – “We are all related.”

Indeed, Running Strong is proud to be the charity Billy helped to found, dedicated to keeping our precious Native youth Running Strong.


Congratulations Billy!

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