Summer Feeding Program Begins Again

This summer we are once again offering out Summer Youth Feeding Program at three locations on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota at three locations including the Red Scaffold Catholic Church in the small community of Red Scaffold, the Boys & Girls Club in La Plant and the nutrition center in Cherry Creek.

Our food service manager Stacie Lee and her staff of cooks are expected to prepare 13,000 free lunches on 52 weekdays between June 1 and August 9 for hungry Cheyenne River children, which for many, may be their only true meal of the day.

“Parents, guardians and children always express how appreciative the communities are to receive this type of service as it keeps the children from going hungry,” says Stacie. “This program really benefits the working parents – they don’t have to run home to find something to cook for their child’s lunch, they can just send them over to the community centers and know their child is receiving a nutritious meal that keeps them going throughout the day.”

Many of the parents and grandparents of the children served in this last year’s program wrote to express their gratitude to the supporters of Running Strong for American Indian Youth® who help make it possible.

“On behalf of my kids and myself as a parent, I am grateful, thankful and appreciate the food program this year,” wrote one. “All the kids look forward to enjoying something every day and hope the see the program again next year!”

And as for Stacie, who has operated the program for us for many years, herself, “I am very thankful for the program as it provides jobs to community members” and noting that “it is a meal that would not be there if Running Strong did not bring it to the table.”

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