Together, I know we will see our way through

In these troubling times, the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating impact is first and foremost on my mind and that of all Americans, but I know we will see our way through.

As a Lakota, I love to practice the attributes of a warrior. Our warriors were disciplined. They had courage, bravery and fortitude. Our warriors always reached out and helped others. The Lakota believe we should live our lives with virtue and values.

The greatest amount of freedom calls for the utmost degree of individual and collective discipline. This is what is needed to defeat this global virus. Pat and I are committed to that, and like you, we will do whatever we have to do to stay healthy.

Today, I take heart in observing how we as a nation seem closer than ever as we unite to control this pandemic, even while “socially distancing,” which also requires discipline.

We control this virus not only in adhering to increased hygienic practices (frequently hand washing and disinfecting surfaces) but also by our collective perseverance and hope as a country, not allowing the uncertainties of tomorrow to crack the foundation of our resilient today.

We are so proud of our Running Strong staff and humbled and honored by our Running Strong family.

Wopila (Thank You),

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