What can a Dreamstarter Teacher do?

In case you’re wondering what a Dreamstarter Teacher can do with their grant, here are some updates from some of our Spring 2017 Dreamstarter Teachers!

  • JoAnn Bishop used her Dreamstarter Teacher grant to take students to an indoor archery range to practice traditional recurve archery! JoAnn’s students were enthusiastic about archery, but didn’t have the funds to practice with competition-style archery targets. With Dreamstarter Teacher, JoAnn was able to take 12 students to a state-of-the-art indoor archery range the first week, and 13 students the second week to practice their archery. It’s been a lot of fun and the students have been continuing on and improving their skills!

  • Alana Purdy used her Dreamstarter Teacher grant for a dynamic field trip and project to Mount Taylor and Grants, NM. With the help of Dreamstarter Teacher, students “conducted a survey with local residents about their knowledge and opinions of the proposed re-opening of the Roca Honda Uranium Mine, collected sound recordings to produce a podcast, and visited the mountain to learn about its cultural significance for both Navajo and Zuni peoples and go on a short hike.” It snowed the day of their trip, which made for a short hike, but a special, fun mood for the day!

  • As a Dreamstarter Teacher, Susan Shelton was able to take students to the Special Olympics Summer games in Stillwater, OK. The grant allowed these Native youth to compete in sports, meet other kids just like them who were competing from other areas of the state, and learn how to be more social and have confidence in themselves.

These are just a few ways that Dreamstarter Teachers have used this grant to inspire their students and improve education for Native youth! But the options are endless! Are you an educator of Native Youth?

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