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" Art takes things we might experience narrowly in our lives and opens up space for multiple interpretations- which ultimately brings about discussions, learning and more robust understanding of how we relate to one another. Through art we can find beauty in the difficult and quiet reflection within a world that often feels fast-paces, chaotic, and overwhelming. Art also creates a time machine- where we can step into the past lives of our predecessors and imagine what inspired and challenged them; what gave them resilience."

In 2021 Running  Strong for American Indian youth launched Dreamstarter Creative to support Native Artists. Artists are cultural protectors, tradition keepers, and valuable contributors to the contemporary American art world as they connect Native traditions with an ever changing and challenging  world. Running Strong is proud to support Native creators who  describe and celebrate Indigenous cultures in their work, in whatever form that may be. This Year Running Strong has $25,000 dedicated to supporting 10 Native artists’ dreams! 

Past Dreamstarter Creatives are diverse in their mediums; beadwork, painting, graphic design, sewing/quilting, pottery, basket weaving, drawing, jewelry, fashion, and metal work. We encourage any artists, from any medium to apply for a grant of up to $2,500 to help support their craft, and further their art education. 

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2023 Dreamstarter® Creatives

In 2021 Running Strong for American Indian Youth® launched Dreamstarter® Creative to support Native artists. Artists are cultural protectors, tradition keepers, and valuable contributors to

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