Dreamstarters Share What Native American Heritage Month Means to Them




From Cristin Haase
Native American Heritage Month is a chance to celebrate our living culture but also to educate the broader community to the fact that we’re still here. Its important to do this not only for ourselves, but also for the larger society.




From Noah Hotchkiss

Native American Heritage Month gives me the opportunity to look back at what we’ve come through and how much our people have struggled, but also encourages me to look forward and think of the heights we are yet to reach. I feel like it’s all about where we’ve come from and where we can go, together.



From Jacquelyn Nielsen

To be Shoshone it means I walk hand in hand with my ancestors. It means that I will fight for my native people. It means that I am connected to my past, present and future. It means the strength from my ancestors only build me up. To be Shoshone, I am rooted and strong. I am made of the tears of my ancestors but built from the beat of their drums and prayers. To be Shoshone,  I am a living history.

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