Dreamstarter® Teacher

We are so isolated and students have not experienced much life outside of the Deep Creek Valley. They did not have a vision of what they can do with their bright minds. The Dreamstarter grant provided an outside window to what is available in science and arts that they can learn more about, expand their experience and give them a broader dream. I cannot say adequately how much the program benefited my students and their families.

Elizabeth Syria, Ibapah Elementary School

Running Strong launched Dreamstarter Teacher in 2017 as another way to support the dreams of Native youth: awarding educators grants to meet unmet needs of their Native students!

Dozens of school administrators, teachers, school counselors, and librarians have made a huge, lasting impact in the lives of their students with Dreamstarter Teacher grants. From robotics clubs to class field trips, and from school-wide cultural events to improving school libraries, educators are creating change in their communities by creating opportunities for Native students to grow, learn, and explore.

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